Although our operations are based in the North Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex) area, our firm maintains a staff of seven licensed professional engineers which, en masse, are licensed in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming. Employing licensed professional engineers with extensive education, design, analysis, and forensic experience in geotechnical and structural engineering enables our firm to fully understand soil-structure interactions and its capability to cause damage/distress to structures.

Dr. John T. Bryant, Ph.D., P.G., P.E., CPG, D.GE

Dr. Bryant is the principal in charge of all engineering operations including forensic, geotechnical, geo-structural and geophysical modeling and testing. He coordinates the operations of the company with other affiliated technical experts when required. Dr. Bryant has provided expert witness testimony in over 100 various mediations, arbitrations and court cases over the past 14 years.
He has performed work at the world's largest earthwork project located at the Lakes of Arlington in Arlington, Texas, Texas A&M Bonfire Collapse and has worked on individual house failures such as the dramatic slope failure shown in the news in Trophy Club, Texas. Dr. Bryant provides a unique combination of geotechnical expertise coupled with geophysical exploration technology to provide the most accurate two and three-dimensional representation the subsurface conditions available.

Registered & Licensed Professional Engineer: Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming.

Licensed Professional Geoscientist: Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee
Licensed Professional Geologist: Colorado, Mississippi, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas.

Brent Douglas, P.E.
Sr. VP & Director of Conventional Operations

Mr. Douglas has a broad range of experience in the engineering consulting field that spans over 25 years with firms specializing in civil, transportation, environmental and geotechnical engineering. He currently oversees various Limited Site Investigation™, Forensic Investigation, Forensic Litigation and Construction Inspection projects. His project experience includes geotechnical/geophysical site investigations, data evaluation and causation analysis relative to soil-structure interaction and forensic investigations for commercial and residential structures. He is responsible for developing site specific geotechnical/geophysical investigation protocols including soil borings, piezometers, groundwater monitoring and sampling, electrical resistivity surveys, ground penetrating radar surveys, test pits, chemical analysis, etc.
Registered & Licensed Professional Engineer: Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kansas and Pennsylvania.


Hayden J. Fischer, M.S., P.E., G.I.T.
Director of Forensic Engineering

Mr. Fischer is the Director of Forensic Engineering and is in the process of opening the firm’s Denver, Colorado office. His background is in hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering, with a strong focus in numerical modeling and data visualization. He is mainly involved with forensic investigation and litigation projects. Mr. Fischer’s primary areas of expertise include electrical resistivity profiling, ground-penetrating radar, groundwater monitoring and sampling, geospatial analysis, slope stability, expansive/collapsing soils, and construction vibration monitoring. He is proficient in EVS/MVS, RADAN, ArcGIS/QGIS, MODFLOW, HYDRUS, and various programming languages including R, Python, and C++.

Registered and Licensed Professional Engineer: Colorado, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas
Registered Geoscientist-in-Training: Texas


M. Kabir Hossain, Ph.D., P.E., C.Eng., C.Mar.Eng.
Director of Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. Hossain has over 25 years of geotechnical consulting experience and a strong background in numerical geotechnics, both in the industry and in academia. He has consulted in the offshore oil and gas industry for nearly 20 years. Dr. Hossain is currently responsible for supervising and conducting the geotechnical engineering forensic modeling and analysis at Bryant Consultants. He is also in charge of the Subsea Geotechnics Division which provides geotechnical engineering and consulting services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Some examples of Dr. Hossain’s more recent projects include forensic investigation/litigation-related 3D FE modeling and analysis of stabilities of a 40-ft MSE retaining wall supporting the foundation of a highly critical structure (San Antonio), a 70-ft RSS retaining wall for a runway (Colorado), and construction effects of an anchored highway secant wall on neighboring structures (Dallas).

Registered and Licensed Professional Engineer: Texas
Chartered Engineer by the Engineering Council, United Kingdom

Daniel J. Hillner
Director of Structural Engineering

Prior to joining BCI in 2011, Mr. Hillner spent 12 years working for structural engineering consulting firms in the design of commercial and institutional buildings. He has performed hundreds of forensic investigations at BCI, both for insurance claims and litigated projects. He has written numerous forensic reports and performed expert witness testimony when requested. His current responsibilities include overseeing all of BCI’s forensic work with a structural engineering component, as well as a large portion of the company’s insurance-related forensic work.

Registered and Licensed Professional Engineer: Texas, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, South Carolina, Nebraska

Jeong Yeon Cheon, Ph.D., P.E.
Sr. Geotechnical Engineer

Dr. Cheon is responsible for geotechnical data interpretation, integrated geologic-geotechnical studies, shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, slope stability assessments, and preparation of engineering reports. She has an academic background of geotechnical engineering, probabilistic approach, risk assessment, and decision making. Her experience also includes work with various numerical analysis, design and mapping tools including PLAXIS, L-PILE, A-PILE, PY-WALL, Slope/W, UTEXAS4, SVS, gINT, Kingdom SMT, Global Mapper, and QGIS.

Registered and Licensed Professional Engineer: Texas

Shehab H. Hassan, M.S., E.I.T.
Graduate Engineer

Mr. Hassan is responsible for performing field measurements and observations, assisting professional engineers on large-scale geotechnical forensic litigation projects, performing both global and local stability on retaining wall structures and slopes, and executing geotechnical engineering analyses to identify the anomalies and higher risk areas of a site. Mr. Hassan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Alexandria University and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on geotechnical engineering from Southern Methodist University. His graduate research was in the area of geotechnical earthquake engineering with a focus on granular slopes. He received the 2015 Outstanding Graduate Student Award in the Civil Engineering department at SMU.

Registered Engineer-in-Training: Texas