Nationwide Numerical Modeling Engineering Services

Excellence in Geotechnical Forensic Analysis and Modeling

Numerical Modeling Utilizing Industry Accepted Technologies

We support and provide “real-world” solutions so you can accurately predict and obtain a successful outcome.   

Numerical Modeling is at the heart of what we do and provide to our clients.  It’s simply the use of various programs to produce analytical models that are representative of real-world conditions.  Bryant Consultants use varying types of numerical modeling, including:

  • FEM/FEA: finite-element modeling/analysis
  • FDM/FDA: finite-difference modeling/analysis
  • Limit-equilibrium analysis
Numerical Modeling Example

This technique is a powerful tool for creating models that act and resemble real- world application.  It enables us to fully investigate any alterations and failures by visually predicting what is going to happen or what has already happened so we can solve complex challenges surrounding the stability or serviceability of a structure, performance behavior and varying design scenarios to help our clients make better-informed and precise decisions faster.

Since 1996, we strive to deliver best-in-class engineering simulation and numerical modeling expertise. We have a proven track record and companies look to us to solve their most challenging structural analyses in an efficient, collaborative manner and timeliness in delivery and full knowledge transfer at the end of our services.

Utilizing some of our key components in numerical modeling such as state-of-the-art computers, programs and a highly experienced engineer that has an intimate understanding of the processes that make the model work properly as well as an innate ability to obtain accurate results.

Some of Our Highly Powerful Numeric Modeling Programs Used:

  • EVS and
  • Abaqus