LSI Services

The LSI™ Services are a risk assessment and mitigation tools used to identify high-risk areas within a residential or commercial development prior to design and construction. The LSI™ Services qualitatively identifies these high-risk areas and provides a solid engineering basis to make sound decisions for our client. The LSI™ Services are based on existing patents and patents pending by Bryant Consultants, Inc.

Why do slabs misbehave?


  • Primarycause is not in design methodology or design assumptions.

  • Primarycause

    is subsurface moisture and soil variability, which create non-equilibrium conditions that are not usually identified in a geotechnical soils report.

Key Points


  • Our LSI™ Services can identify high-risk areas that are missed in a typical geotechnical soils report.

  • High-risk areas can be further evaluated with a customized testing program.

  • Mitigation alternatives of high-risk areas are provided to our client.

  • The LSI™ Services are not a replacement for recommendations from the geotechnical engineer of record, prudent structural design engineering, or careful site development techniques.

Negative impact of foundation problems on builders


  • Drop in public perception of quality of construction(loss of confidence and reputation)

  • Increase in insurance claims

  • Additional investigation expenses

  • Additional litigation expenses

  • Additional foundation repair expenses

As with most geotechnical engineering firms, engineering analyses and design begin in the laboratory. The BCI geotechnical laboratory is capable of performing material and soil testing to any desired procedure or specification, national or internationally. Some of the more common types of soil testing performed by BCI are the following:


  • Lab CBR

  • Standard Geotechnical Testing

  • Thermal Resistivity

  • Direct Shear

  • Electrical Resistivity

  • Proctor-Moisture/Density Relationship

  • Consolidation & Swell Testing

  • Triaxial Testing Concrete

  • Concrete Compression Strength

  • Slump

  • Inspection