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    Bryant Consultants is a specialized geotechnical forensic engineering firm with an in-house laboratory facility, state-of-the-art geophysical methods such as electrical resistivity (using the patented GMMIR® method), ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic surveys (EM), and seismic refraction. Other field techniques are used as well, such as conventional geotechnical exploration, LiDAR, and site instrumentation and monitoring. BCI also employs advanced numerical modelling and visualization programs such as PLAXIS, SVOFFICE, SLOPE/W, plus proprietary software packages that allow for the development of high-quality, accurate simulations of the subsurface.    

LSI Services

The LSI™ Services are a risk assessment and mitigation tool used to identify high-risk areas within a residential or commercial development prior to design and construction. 


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Our patented process of utilizing GMMIR™ with soil borings puts Bryant Consultants at the forefront of the geotechnical and structural engineering industries in understanding soil-structure interaction.

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