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Bryant Consultants, Inc. offers comprehensive geotechnical and geoscience consulting expertise to help assess, identify, and reduce risks for homebuilders during the site development process.


Traditionally, geotechnical engineers have relied heavily on industry accepted assumptions and empirical relationships in developing design parameters of foundations, retaining wall structures, and earth structures. However, a given soil matrix can be highly variable, extremely complex, and can exhibit a certain nonuniqueness in material compositions and engineering properties. For these reasons, a degree of uncertainty exists in every applied geotechnical decision and parameter.


Geoneering™ is a multi-disciplinary approach using geoscience and engineering to evaluate risks, solve soil structure interaction problems, and mitigate the effects of site anomalies. This "geoneering" approach has been the basis for the development of our patented Limited Site Investigation™ process for homebuilders in order to systematically identify and delineate the gross anomalies and higher risk areas of a site associated with soil-structure interaction phenomena. The Limited Site Investigation ™ process combines soil boring, ground water sampling and resistivity analyses in a patented combination to evaluate subsurface anomalies with state of the art accuracy.


We employ geographical information systems (GIS) technology, review site-specific geotechnical information, and analyze civil construction grading plans during our Limited Site Investigation™ process to provide homebuilders with a proactive risk assessment & management solution as they enter into new communities.

LSI Services

The LSI™ Services are a risk assessment and mitigation tool used to identify high-risk areas within a residential or commercial development prior to design and construction. The LSI™ Services qualitatively identifies these high-risk .....

Geophysical Capabilities

Our patented process of utilizing GMMIR™ with soil borings puts Bryant Consultants and Bryant Consulting Services at the forefront of the geotechnical and structural engineering industries in understanding soil-structure interaction.....